Episode 20: Busted

Praxit's luck runs out. Hours before leaving for the quarter break the hall drones escort him to the invigilator's office. It goes better, and worse, than he expected.

Hi, James here. After 20 episodes and 9 hours of listening, we’ve made it through the first part of Praxit’s story. We’re leaving him soaring into the sky, on his way to a giant mecha party in a fully calibrated baby.

And what could be safer than a giant mecha party?

It’s quarter break here in Australia, or school holidays as we like to call it. I’ve got two mech-less kids to entertain and Praxit’s next adventure to write.

So Future is Mecha is going to be quiet for a few weeks while I plan, write and start recording.

I’ve learned a lot from this first story. And I think it’s going to make the next one even better.

Praxit and his friends are going to be out in the world. There will be fewer mechrosse players and more lens-heads. The challenges will be more challenging. The dangers more dangerous. And the baby will get to be awesome.

So make sure you are subscribed to this podcast so you will get an alert when the new episodes become available. I will post updates on my progress to instagram, twitter and facebook. Just search for @futureismecha.

Thank you again for listening and supporting future is mecha.

Fast-forward 200 years

Things are finally getting better. There are cities on the moon. Asteroids are being mined. Everyone has a mecha.

Except Praxit.

That's about to change. Poor kid.

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